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DotA 6.83c Finally Arrived!

DotA 6.83c without a doubt is a map that has been heavily anticipated by a lot of Dota 1 fans. That's because IceFrog hasn't release any new map since DotA 6.81d, even though Dota 2 already got the 6.83c Patch quite some time ago. Therefore, the news of IceFrog releasing this map which is the last series of the Dota 6.83 is really a joy for those still playing DotA in their Warcraft 3!

You can download the map in the below link.

Dota 6.83c Download via

For those Dota 1 players, enjoy the new map guys! And let's hope that there will be DotA 6.83c AI map as well as DotA 6.84!

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