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DotA 6.81c and DotA 6.81b Unleashed!

It seems after the International 4 finish, IceFrog really focused on the Warcraft's DotA map development. And here are the result, DotA 6.81b and DotA 6.81c are now available. The Dota 2 6.81 Patch and 6.81b Patch are both included in the DotA 6.81b as IceFrog go straight to that version and skipped the DotA 6.81. DotA 6.81c however is an additional map without any changes except bug fixes for the previous version. And with that, we also still expect that there could be more map like DotA 6.81d if there's still more bugs to be found.

Let's hope that's not what happen and we can focused on playing while waiting for DotA 6.82 map!

Enjoy the new map kids!

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