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DotA 6.81 and DotA 6.81b Changelogs Revealed!

After quite a while since the Dota 6.80c released, Valve finally unleashed another gameplay update, patch Dota 2 6.81. This patch already launched on the Dota 2 even though the Warcraft version, Map Dota 6.81, has yet to be released. The patch changes focused on the hero balance which hopefully will increase the heroes that will be used on the competitive game. So you know, not many heroes used on the competitive game. One of the significant change is the removal of the Orb Effect from Huskar dan Ursa. Another change is the Tusk's snowball. Overall this significant change aimed to make the game more interesting. Lots of Warcraft 3 players are worried that this 6.81 map won't be delivered. Even then, the Dota 6.81b patch already came out before DotA 6.81 released. Is this mean that the Dota 6.81b will be released directly? Only IceFrog knows.. Interestingly, some people make their own Dota 6.81 AI. Well.. Let's hope the official map will be coming out soon..

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